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CIM's PEAK solving engineering challenges in the PropTech industry

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Monday Feb 24, 2020

How building analytics improves both tenant and shopper retail experience while reducing operational and capital costs. CIM senior engineer Tom Balme explains.  

Thursday Jan 30, 2020

Precisely controlling environmental conditions takes an entirely new perspective when it comes to protecting the condition and longevity of precious artefacts in museums.

Monday Jan 20, 2020

The building management industry is the latest to experience digital transformation, following suit from the transport and retail industry - but how exactly do you digitise a building, and what are the benefits?

Tuesday Dec 17, 2019

Fast access to lots of data is changing the way building engineers approach their work. New tools are letting them see more data at velocity to leverage the data alongside their expertise to make better decisions, faster, with more certainty and less intuition.

Tuesday Dec 03, 2019

Airports are incredibly complex places. A large amount of technology and equipment is required to ensure everything is properly and efficiently managed. CIM Engineer Arghya Sen discusses the challenges faced by airport operators as they maintain a comfortable environment for all patrons and tenants, while reducing their operational costs and carbon emissions.  

Thursday Nov 14, 2019

In an emerging industry such as building analytics, the value that software can bring to building owners, engineers and other stakeholders is directly linked to the quality of the code and the approach to its development, including whether those involved in making it are actually “eating their own dog food”. CIM's Head Developer, Anton Mazkovoi discusses the value of software and shares his vision for the PEAK platform.  

Thursday Oct 31, 2019

NABERS ratings are an important measure of a building’s energy efficiency. They provide a way of understanding and improving building efficiency, environmental performance and building value. Kyko Group owner and director Bill Jenkings and CIM's senior engineer Scott Beauman discuss how data analytics is helping building owners and managers not just achieve their desired NABERS rating, but increase the value of their assets.

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